The Host…..has arrived!!

During Wakes Week in Tideswell (23rd June to 1st July 2018) expect the unexpected if you image006visit St. John the Baptist’s Church.  We will be attempting to create an art installation with the theme of ‘angels’. When you visit the church (If all goes to plan), expect to encounter not a single angel, not a few angels but thousands of angels. We will be mobilising local school children, church goers, villagers and visitors to create the large numbers required. The angels will be constructed from a simple template printed on A4 paper. Templates will be available in local schools, local shops and in the church prior to and during Wakes Week. Each angel that you make will be added to the ‘host’. The angels will be plain and white, when completed, as we feel that this will create a greater visual impact but you may feel it appropriate to write your name, a message or a prayer inside the angels. We hope each individual will make a number of angels to achieve the effect sought.

Do angels have feet?  Ours need them! Without feet for use as anchoring points our angels may take flight when the church doors are opened!

Floral displays at strategic points around the church will contribute to the angelic theme of the installation, making connections with bible stories that feature angels in the Old and New Testaments. Locally grown flowers and greenery will create a natural effect in the floral displays and we hope many local children and adults will play a part in all the floral aspects of the installation. A Children’s Mystery Trail round the church can be enjoyed by whole families with angels to spot in stained glass windows and church roof space as well as our visiting Host.  Do visit. Do take part. Do enjoy.


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