Notes from The Vicarage

News from the Vicarage January brings us to the start of a new year, although truth to tell the church’s year began on 3rd December with Advent Sunday! January comes from the latin word for door, the time of opening to new beginnings. Last January I decided 2017 was going to be my year to experiment with cooking curry. I’ve tried different recipes, stocked up at an Asian supermarket, I’m certainly not an expert but make a very tasty dhal (lentil curry) and have a cupboard full of spices! It was a good intention, something new which we will keep enjoying in the year to come.

It’s good to be open to new things, to make a conscious effort to try something new or grasp a new idea, but it can also be challenging. At the start of Epiphany, we remember the Star Gazers who were watching and waiting for a sign. When their star showed up, they set out into the unknown, they didn’t know where the journey would take them and certainly didn’t expect to end up in a stable in Bethlehem; surely they would never have called at Herod’s palace if they knew where they were going! The light of God shows up in all sorts of people and places, its good to be watching and waiting, as we remember in Advent, but life doesn’t always go to plan so we need to be open to new ideas too.

What are our intentions as people and as parish for the coming year? Not just more curry, of course, but new ways of making space for God in our lives and our community alongside our regular worship and service. Families-Fun-Food-Friends continues this month with a twelfth night party on Saturday 6th January, making links with friends and neighbours across the parish and having a good time in the process. We’ll continue sharing regular worship with our friends at Fountain Square in 2018; January brings the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity which will be the focus of our worship on 21st January, ideas for this years service coming from the churches in the Caribbean, perhaps there is a curry link there too? Let this year be one where we intend to serve God and are ready to be surprised along the way!  with love Gillian